“I have worked for decades, protecting Napa County oak woodlands and watersheds. Measure C may have been well intentioned, but it does more harm than good. It’s vague and confusing and creates an inefficient bureaucracy. Measure C allows for the removal of 795 acres of oak woodlands. Vote NO on C.”

- Phill Blake, Sierra Club Member/Former Napa County District Conservationist, NRCS/Environmental Consultant

“American Canyon’s largely untouched hillsides and open spaces have been made possible by land stewards, non-profit organizations and county policies that effectively protect our greenbelts and open spaces.  With Measure C, a confusing and ill-conceived regulatory structure will be added that does nothing to strengthen these protections, but does hurt agriculture and taxpaying citizens.”

- Leon Garcia, Mayor of American Canyon

“I care a lot about the City of Napa’s watersheds.  Right now we are working together with the county to gather data to put in place the right regulations.  It is the best path to protect our watersheds.  Let’s get this right and not pass poorly written regulations.”

- Jill Techel, Mayor of Napa  

“I see this as a veiled attempt to stop development of our world-class wine industry by targeting and severely restricting vineyards, while ignoring residential and other non-agricultural growth. It threatens our ability to maintain local grape sourcing for the production of our high-quality wine that is critical to Napa Valley's economy. We can continue to prioritize clean water and woodland protection without crippling local businesses or our individual communities with a ‘one-size-does-not-fit-all’ land use law.”

- John F. Dunbar, Mayor of Yountville  

“When it comes to Measure C, there are too many unanswered questions and unintended consequences. While Measure C may have been written with good intentions, when you start looking into the details of what could happen should Measure C pass, it’s clearly wrong for Napa County.”

- Peter White, Vice Mayor of St. Helena  “Calistoga’s hillsides have been protected by effective land stewards who balance open space areas with agriculture. Measure C weakens existing regulations without protecting our environment any more than it’s protected today.”

- Chris Canning, Mayor of Calistoga  “There is no scientific evidence or research that substantiates claims that Measure C will improve water quality or protect our environment.  What we do know is that permanent and irreversible development could be constructed in agricultural areas around oak woodlands should Measure C pass.”

- Jeri Hansen-Gill, CEO, Sustainable Napa County and Napa County Planning Commissioner  

“Measure C will have a negative impact on our Up Valley communities with a deep-rooted agricultural history. Existing regulations carefully manage issues of tree removal and watershed protections, and we should look at ways to effectively refine or strengthen those protections without the extremities of Measure C.”

- Bill Dodd, State Senator

“Measure C is misguided and will not achieve the environmental protections it claims, but it will cause more headaches for rural landowners across Napa County while allowing hundreds of additional acres of oak woodlands to be removed.”

- Alfredo Pedroza, Napa County Supervisor

“The right to farm and sustainability in agriculture is key to ensuring our agricultural heritage. Poorly written Measure C demotes the status of agriculture and open space in our County. Adding another layer of regulations will jeopardize small family farmers like my family.”

- Belia Ramos, Napa County Supervisor  

“As a civil engineer with a background in dealing with Napa County’s environmental regulations, I know firsthand how strong our conservation regulations are. In terms of improving these regulations, there is a better way to go about it. To this end, last year we embarked upon a joint Napa City and County Watershed Study that is currently underway. I look forward to working with the city and the community on possible changes to our watershed policies in the near future based on the findings in this scientific study, while also looking at common-sense ways to best protect old-growth and heritage oak woodland areas.”

- Ryan Gregory, Napa County Supervisor

“The existing conservation regulations, the Ag Preserve, and Measures J and P have effectively protected our agricultural lands for decades. Without scientific evidence or the need to change our current regulatory system, the ambiguous language in Measure C would change the long-held standard that agriculture is the highest and best use of the land in Napa County. This is why I and all local agricultural organizations stand united against Measure C.”

- Dave Whitmer, Retired Napa County Agricultural Commissioner and Napa County Planning Commissioner

“Measure C allows 795 acres of oak woodlands to be removed, and won’t do anything to enhance or improve water quality.  Measure C is not the environmental safeguard we need, and will not protect our hillsides from development.”

- Elaine Honig, Former Sierra Club Board Member

“I was able to work my way up from an immigrant farmworker to starting a farming business of my own.  Measure C will make it virtually impossible for others who work hard to fulfill their dreams and start their own operation – it will ultimately hurt those who can least afford it.”

- Rolando Herrera, Farmer

“Vineyards play an outsized role in reducing wildfire risks, particularly in wildland-urban interface areas that are prevalent in much of Napa County.  Even though the value of open spaces in Napa cannot be overstated, Measure C would reduce opportunities for vineyard plantings in our agricultural open space areas, which would limit the use of this tool for containing future fires in Napa County.”

- Carol Rice, Wildland Fire Consultant  

“We need to do all we can to make our community safe and prevent future wildfires. Measure C will stand in the way of doing just that. I urge you to join me and firefighters throughout our community and Vote No on C.”

- Davie Piña, Napa County Resident/Farmer/Fire Chief

"Like all Napa residents, I saw first-hand the devastation of the North Bay wildfires. The lack of forest management helped fuel the fires here in Napa. Measure C will make it difficult to create the defensible spaces we need to protect our community. Join me, along with many other firefighters and vote No on Measure C."

- Johnnie White, Napa County Resident and Fire Captain

“Measure C is a short-sighted policy that could restrict firefighters’ abilities to protect our open space areas in the future, and in the long-run, will do more harm than good for our environment.”

- Keith Caldwell, Retired American Canyon Fire Chief and Former Napa County Supervisor 

“I’m voting ‘No’ on Measure C because it will not deliver on its intentions to protect our watersheds or oak woodland areas. We should instead focus our efforts on effectively balancing our environment with agriculture instead of creating divisions that attempt to typecast voters as choosing one over the other. There is a better path forward than adopting these confusing, complicated and extreme regulations.”

- Mariam Aboudamous, American Canyon City Councilmember

“I'm a huge supporter of environmental protection, the outdoors and the beauty of Napa County's oak-studded hillsides. However, Measure C is far-reaching and has unintended, long-lasting negative effects for our rural areas. The spirit and intent of this measure should be vetted in a more deliberate and open public process, not ramrodded through by special interests. Join me in rejecting this flawed initiative by voting 'No' on Measure C.”

- David Oro, American Canyon City Councilmember

“Napa County Farm Bureau stands united against Measure C with every other agricultural organization in Napa County.  Measure C will harm agriculture, and hurt the small mom and pop farmers who won’t be able to afford an even more expensive cost of doing business when they may already be struggling to survive.”

- Manuel Rios, President, Napa County Farm Bureau  

“I oppose Measure C because it is a burdensome duplication of many laws on the books. We do not need more laws to govern us. We need good elected leaders who will enforce laws and protections we have in place now. This is a radical initiative that could criminalize violations of the strict provisions of the Measure, even for those who do so unknowingly. There are far better ways to collaboratively work together to address environmental protection – Measure C is not the solution.”

- Doris Gentry, Napa City Councilmember
“Measure C is not what it appears to be, and threatens our county’s agricultural longevity. The more you read into the details of Measure C, the more apparent it is that Measure C is wrong for Napa County.”

- Jim Krider, Napa City Councilmember  

“Measure C is not a sustainable solution to protect our opens space areas and agriculturally designated lands. This new definition of oak woodlands and permitting process will make it very difficult or impossible to plant vineyards and will encourage residential and non-agricultural uses of this acreage.”

- Joel Tranmer, Napa County Resident